John Yarrington

Publisher Response Magazine

Executive Director of MTC Expo

Co-Founder of the DRMA (Direct Response Marketing Alliance)

Dedicated, tenacious, creative and loyal best describe the work ethic and the personality of Andrea Pass.  If you’re looking for a PR manager filled with passion, goal oriented and committed to making you and your business better, look no further than Andrea Pass.


Marc Gill, TV Pitchman

Marc’s on the Grill

There isn’t enough to say about my friend and colleague, Andrea Pass. Everyone seems to have forgotten about person-ability, and the answer to the question ‘How are you’ when it’s asked. Andrea cares to hear the answer, and that’s her magic. She always cares. On a professional note, my appearances on Rachael Ray, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Steve Harvey,  to name a few, and the sales and recognition bump that come from them, give a strong insight into Andrea's professional relationships and capabilities.  Everyone answers her calls. 

Cathy Mitchell, TV Pitchwoman

Owner, Mitchell Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea for many years. She has not only set up numerous PR situations for me to promote my cookbooks and other television products, her expertise lies in the follow thru. Transportation, accommodations, everything I needed to do great on the air, she handled with expertise, and always a keen eye toward other opportunities as she worked behind the scenes on the current project. I can’t imagine anyone better at the job than Andrea.



Jim Perrus

former Vice President, Membership

Electronic Retailing Association  


Andrea was one of my clients over the past four years and she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. She is a tremendous networker who knew pretty much everyone in the direct response industry! Andrea would take the time to meet at various tradeshows and provide member leads for me while I was at the Electronic Retailing Association. She always had a positive attitude too! When I think of PR, I think of Andrea. If I had the chance to have her on my team, she would be my #1 draft pick!


Bill McAlister


Top Dog Direct

Andrea worked relentlessly to get us the press we needed whenever we needed it. She got Top Dog Direct on “Good Morning America” and the “Today Show.” Andrea puts the time and effort into the job to get it done right!


Jessica Delich

Business Development Specialist

Response Magazine

Andrea Pass is a motivated, boots on the ground, with you in the trenches PR Specialist. She is proactive, ambitious, and committed advocate for her clients and works tirelessly to give them a competitive advantage. Andrea always works far beyond the call of duty, and I have thoroughly appreciated her efforts on every project we've worked together.

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